Storm Debris Cleanup

Trees down, branches lying everywhere, roofing tiles on the driveway and debris scattered all around. This pretty much describes what Mother Nature leaves behind after a powerful storm, tornado or hurricane. A massive cleanup involves a lot of back breaking work, time and energy. Done Rite Hauling has the junk removal and cleaning knowledge to handle the job expediently and efficiently. Our trailers and dumpster rentals provide ample space to contain heavy materials and are strong enough to haul all manner of junk away. Strong gusts of wind and torrential rainfalls pack enough power to knock down fences and even walls. Water damage isn’t limited to just the property exterior. It can seep and find its way through cracked foundations and house tops where the roof has blown off. Our junk removal pros are experienced in cleaning up storm damage of the worst kind. They will remove and haul away soggy furniture and carpeting as well as flooring that has buckled from the surge of storm water. Our junk removal teams will even take away water damaged cabinets.

One never knows what will be found once the storm has passed. A yard might be flooded from a swimming pool overflow or items from a neighbor’s property may be swept onto your property by the strength of the wind. All of the consequences from a major storm or even a minor one can be overwhelming for most people but not our professionally trained junk removal and hauling crews. Our dump trailers and trailers are company owned and therefore, available to our pros for all cleanup projects.

In the event that you feel that you would rather gather and remove all storm debris yourself, we offer rental dumpsters. Our guys deliver the junk container, you load and our teams come back to retrieve the dump trailer when you are finished getting everything cleaned up. From there, our drivers haul all junk to a legal dumping spot.

After a Storm, We’ll Handle the Toughest Cleanup. 727-365-7892.