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JUNK REMOVAL. When one thinks of Clearwater in Pinellas County, Florida, those two words seem irrelevant due to the spanking clean image of Clearwater beaches and environmentally conscious city managers. However, as a local hauling company that deals with the throwaways of households on a daily basis, we have come to realize that no matter how fastidious you are, there is always something to be cleaned up or out within your Clearwater residence or on your Clearwater property. Trash is inevitable in every city, even in the inviting town of Clearwater. Furniture ages, carpeting wears out and appliances break down. Our hauling and junk removal services include removal and taking away all unwanted items, residentially and commercially.

The word, Clearwater, in itself, pulls up an image of peacefulness and relaxation. The name, Clearwater, originated from the fresh springs that once ran along the shore. Let our scrap and odds and ends disposal professionals help your city of Clearwater maintain that wholesome picture.

The governing parties and citizens of the city of Clearwater take great pride in their tourist friendly Clearwater communities. That is evidenced by the environmentally conscious actions of Clearwater and the many great resources and government run programs that exist in Clearwater.

Our experienced hauling crews of Clearwater use their brawn to lift and remove any reasonable items, such as furniture, rugs, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, televisions and much more. All objects will be loaded into one of our company owned hauling trailers and taken to a proper place of disposal by our experienced junk removal drivers.

If you have been exposed to damage from a tropical storm, our hard working refuse removal crews will clear out storm damaged property (interior and exterior), such as carpeting, cabinets, wallboard, ceiling remnants, furniture, water soaked window curtains, wood, roof shingles, etc. Don’t stress over your Clearwater home or office damages. Put the burden on the shoulders of our junk and cleanup personnel.

Our multi-tasking hauling employees are available for fire cleanouts in Clearwater. If you need some helping hands, take ours. We are here for you in all of your Clearwater property’s troubling situations.

The city of Clearwater has a rich history, from the Jesuit missions that settled in the area to the establishing of Fort Harrison to be used as a recuperation center for soldiers during the Seminole Indian Wars in the 1800’s. The first white settler in Clearwater was Dr. Odet Philippe, who had served under General Napoleon Bonaparte. These are just a few historical facts about the area of Clearwater. A town, such as Clearwater and the like, is eager to preserve the memories of it’s beginnings and keeping debris off of properties in the city of Clearwater is vital to it’s neighborhoods. Whatever you need to be hauled away, our trash removal teams are on it. Tree branches, dirt, rocks, broken glass, dead bushes, brick pavers, gravel and more. No cause for worry because our pros will clean it up and get it out of harm’s way. Keep your Clearwater neighborhoods looking sharp.

Does Clearwater’s business section need a litter pickup and haul away? Call for our all-purpose hauling and garbage removal services. No job is too big or too small!

The city of Clearwater is open to travelers from all around the world so cleanliness and a neatly organized view as visitors come through the city of Clearwater, is a community priority. No one wants to stay in a town that appears shabby and dirty. The city of Clearwater in Pinellas County is a fun loving resort town and always looking pristine but if the forces of nature sweep in and make it a little tougher to keep on top of things in your Clearwater communities, save yourself the frustration of putting everything back together by availing yourself of the quality cleanup performed by our hauling and waste removal troops.

Do you, or someone you know, have a hoarding problem? We have organized teams of Clearwater rubbish and waste removal experts that are capable of dealing with the worst case scenario. We want our cleanup company to be a Godsend in your time of crisis. No judgment calls. Just arms willing to take the gigantic burden away from you and your Clearwater property.

You might discover that some hauling organizations decline to take away any items that have been subject to the dreaded “bedbug.” Our professional hauling trailer drivers stand up to the removal challenge. Our garbage removal crews will haul away beds, mattresses, sofas, chairs, carpets and all other household belongings that may be infested with the nasty intruders.

If you are in the process of or planning a renovation of your Clearwater house, our hauling and litter removal services are available for demolition (partial or full-on). Our demolition squad leaves no mess behind. What our hauling and demolition crews tear down, they also take away. All unusable material is disposed of in an eco-friendly manner and recyclables will be dispersed to the proper recipients.

Clearwater beaches are famous for their shore lined crystal clear water and the town of Clearwater welcomes all visitors, from near or far. Allow our hauling and removal servicing company to keep the city of Clearwater’s reputation squeaky clean.

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