Fire and Flood Damage Cleanup

Which is worse? Fire or flood? In the opinion of Done Rite Hauling, both can be devastating and consequences affect you and your property equally. A fire creates unbelievable carnage. Between smoke, flames and the amount of water used to squelch the flames, furniture can be ruined beyond repair. Walls might have to be removed, along with carpeting. Wooden flooring and cabinets crumble under the heat and you most likely will be unable to salvage anything within the house. The average family does not have the hauling equipment, such as trailers and dumpsters to take all of the ruined possessions off for disposal. Our company not only owns the containers and vehicles that we work with, our junk removal pros are also trained to deal with the cleanup mess created by both large and small fires.

If you have ever experienced a pipe bursting in your home (especially within a wall) or have been unfortunate enough to get caught up in the rage of a massive rainstorm or tornado, you know the heartbreak of flooding! There is no better way to describe the stench of water damage on rugs and furniture than by just saying “it reeks!” Our cleanup and junk removal pros won’t back down under the unpleasant circumstances…they cover their noses and proceed with business as usual. Our services include removal of all damaged items…rugs, sofas, mattresses, chairs and miscellaneous junk. Nothing is overlooked or left behind when the hard working junk removal crews from Done Rite Hauling are on the job. On the rare occasion that a customer prefers to load a trailer with the damaged goods on their own, we offer rental dumpsters. Our drivers drop the dump trailer on your property and pick it up when you are finished filling it.

While we hope that you never have to face the harshness of either a fire or a flood, if the unforeseen should happen, we encourage you to remember to call the junk removal and dumpster rental professionals that do all cleanup and junk removal and, most importantly, the company that does it efficiently and expediently: Done Rite Hauling!

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