Hauling Miami Beach FL

Clean air depends on the elimination of built up trash. Junk removal for the city of Miami Beach and cities everywhere plays an important role in keeping our planet clean and fit for human survival. Done Rite Hauling is a leading player in the field of junk removal and hauling.

Our dumpster rentals provide an excellent source in which to collect old and unwanted items for the purpose of disposal. We will take away items both large and small. Anxious to get rid of that old couch? No problem. Our junk removal drivers have your back. Are you planning to replace your ancient refrigerator? Just go ahead and do it! Our roll-off rentals can accommodate appliances of any size or shape.

Our company hauling services for Miami Beach help maintain the city’s wholesome image by taking away any and all junk and trash. We work with personal as well as public domains, such as private properties and commercial enterprises.

Done Rite Hauling’s junk removal services enhance the city’s rich history of arts, culture and nightlife, not to mention the beautiful sandy beach areas. Avoid leaving your cleaned out junk and trash sitting on the curb waiting on city garbage collection. We can provide a dumpster rental and remove unwanted stuff on the same day we load the container.

Use our company full service: our pros fill the roll-off rental and haul the whole thing off to the local dump. In lieu of tossing everything in the scrap pile, we recycle when possible and also donate to charitable organizations. Most customers have no access to the type of dumpsters or roll-offs needed for junk removal and hauling so our services are well appreciated.

If you prefer, we will deliver a dumpster rental to your location and leave it for you to load in your own time. We offer a three day rental, as a rule but extensions can be arranged if needed. Once the container is filled to your satisfaction, a company hauling driver will return to pick it up.

Items We Haul Away:

  • Appliances
    (refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers)
  • Furniture
    (sofas, chairs, tables, beds)
  • Patio Furniture
    (chairs, tables, umbrellas)
  • Office Furniture
    (desks, chairs, file cabinets, computer equipment)
  • Construction Material
    (wood, tile, plumbing fixtures)
  • Roofing Debris
    (shingles, miscellaneous hardware)
  • Cement
    (driveways, etc.)
  • Fencing
    (all types)
  • Yard Debris
    (tree branches, leaves, dirt, rocks shrubs)

Our roll-off boxes for Miami Beach are available for rental to homeowners, real estate agents, contractors, roofing crews, building managers and homes in foreclosure.

Our junk removal pros are efficient, organized and complete a cleanout project quickly but thoroughly. Our rental dumpsters are available 24/7. We can offer that service because our containers are company owned. We don’t rely on a broker to supply us with trailers. We offer same day junk removal and hauling.

Our company is all about our clientele. Without customers, we would have no business. You will find our drivers and management personnel courteous and helpful.

Cleanups, junk removal and hauling can be tiresome and time consuming. Our dumpster and roll-off rentals are affordable and convenient. Let Done Rite Hauling save you the hassle by doing the work for you.

Quality Junk Removal and Hauling in Miami Beach. 727-365-7892.