Hauling Hollywood FL

Junk removal is a term that most folks would not associate with Hollywood, Florida due to the city’s endearing nickname (Diamond of the Gold Coast.) Diamonds usually sparkle but even these precious gems need cleaning now and then. Such is the case with a culturally enriched city like Hollywood. In spite of the many efforts of residents and businesses to maintain an environmentally friendly community, “junk” happens from time to time.

  • Garages get filled with odds and ends, such as old paint cans and even broken down appliances.
  • Closets are prone to clutter and crawl spaces welcome spider webs intertwined among old mementos.
  • Backyards fall into disarray with weeds taking over among the grass.

When the time comes to clean out the mess, call Done Rite Hauling We are a family owned and operated business. We offer affordable junk removal and hauling for Hollywood, Florida. Our company owned dumpster rentals provide a convenient way to keep all of the unwanted items organized in one place as cleanup takes place.

Our roll-off rentals for Hollywood are perfect for construction workers and roofing crews. Having a container close to the job in progress is a time saving step for all laborers.

Homeowners, Realtors, apartment managers, contractors, banks and commercial property owners lead our extensive list of junk removal and hauling customers.

Tenants leave in a hurry sometimes and leave a slew of miscellaneous trash behind. Contractors work with construction crews and banks often have to clean up homes in foreclosure. Restaurants, hotels, motels, warehouses and storage facilities are called upon to clean out and get rid of old furniture and equipment. Our roll-off rentals for Hollywood’s finest proprietors are the ideal solution for a common problem, junk removal!

Our junk removal services are performed by our experienced teams and our dumpster rentals hold items of all weights and sizes.

Done Rite Hauling has two options to handle cleanouts and getting rid of rubbish and unwanted items.

First of all is our full service wherein our company professionals load a container and haul it away, usually in one day. This is a great choice for folks who are physically challenged (the elderly, for instance) or for those who just don’t have the time to do the job themselves.

Then, there are those who consider themselves “do-it-yourself” types. We will drop a dumpster off at your location and leave it for you to fill with whatever castoffs that have to go. Our usual rental time is up to three days. If you need more time, we can arrange that for you. Of course, once the container is ready for takeoff, our driver will come and get it and dispose of the contents at a legal landfill. We are a “green” enterprise and donate what we can to underprivileged families or we turn the stuff over for recycling.

Our hauling for Hollywood, Florida includes items such as appliances, furniture, yard debris, roofing debris, fencing, computers and much, much more. Just tell our office manager what you need to toss and our junk removal drivers will receive the message. Our roll-off boxes are capable of holding junk of all shapes and sizes.

The drivers and management of Done Rite Hauling are courteous and helpful and go above and beyond customers’ expectations.

Quality Junk Removal and Hauling Services. 727-365-7892.